Skateboarding Tricktionary – A

Acid Drop

To ride straight off of an obstacle such as a ledge and drop to the ground without ollying. Fairly dull and unstylish, and not really a trick (more of an accident).

Air Walk

A grab trick involving holding the nose with your front hand while your legs split as if walking. In theory, the more ‘steps’ you can take while in this position the better the trick is, but rarely is it possible to take more than one or two. Originally an air trick invented by Tony Hawk, then developed into a flatland trick, the ‘ollie airwalk’, by Rodney Mullen – although technically it’s a ‘split kick’ since Rodney doesn’t actually have time to walk. Now hardly ever seen.


A trick performed in the air while turning the opposite or ‘unnatural’ way to the direction of travel. When travelling in the direction your toes are facing (toeside) rotating frontside 180° or more makes the trick an alley-oop. Conversely, when travelling heelside, rotating backside 180° or more is an alley-oop. Usually this occurs on a half pipe but is also sometimes seen in park skating on hips, quarter pipes and transfers. Any trick can be performed alley-oop but most often you will simply see frontside alley-oops and backside alley-oops. See those defintions for a more specific explanation of ‘alley-oop’.

Anti Casper

A half impossible to nose casper. The skateboard is upside down with the point of the nose on the ground, raised at an angle and held up by the skateboarders back foot which is hooked under the deck. The skaters front foot stands on the underside of the nose. In this position the skateboarder can stall or slide along a suitable surface before flipping out of the anti casper position.

Axle Stall

A stall with both skateboard trucks planted evenly on the lip or object. Like a 50-50 grind without moving.