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Skateboarding Tricktionary

The ultimate goal of the tricktionary is to define each and every skateboarding trick or term. The entries in the tricktionary are not detailed skating trick tips – those appear in the skateboarding articles. However, I know how frustrating it can be even finding out what skateboarding tricks actually are alone how to do it – hopefully this will help out all the frustrated skaters out there who are stumped by the difference between frontside and backside, have no idea what a hardflip really is and can’t even begin to comprehend a gay twist

Tony Gale is now virtually a full time editor of the tricktionary, adding more skateboarding tricks every day than I can keep track of and consistently bugging me whenever I get something wrong – thanks Tony.

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  • Tuck Knee
    Another name for a Japan Air.

  • 50-50
    Refers to one of 3 distinct tricks:

  • ABD
    ABD is an acronym that, in the context of skateboarding, stands for “already been done” – it’s used in conversation and writing to quickly refer to tricks that have previously been landed at a particular skating spot by another skateboarder.

    For example:

    • “That video part was crap – it had too many ABD’s”.
    • “Can anybody give me a list of ABD’s from south bank?”

    ABD stands for a whole lot of other things not to do with skateboarding External Link as well.

  • Outside Boardslide
    A slide where the tail and nose of the skateboard slide on two different objects. This is also referred to as a ‘nailslide’ (Nose/tAIL slide).

  • Pool Skating
    The art of skating empty swimming pools that have transitioned (curved) sides. Was the forerunner of modern day vert skating, and enjoying a bit of a resurgence of late, although often in specially made pools found in skateparks instead of illegally draining backyard pools as was done originally.

  • Crailtap
    Landing an air in vert/pool skating into a tail tap while grabbing crail.

  • The Loop
    Simply a classic loop-the-loop. Few skaters have done it, but Bob Burnquist mastered it, doing it switch and taking the roof out to essentially do a switch frontside air from one side of the loop to the other.

  • Wallplant
    Any move where a foot is planted on the vertical side of a wall at some point, e.g. a kickflip wallplant.

  • Broken Fingers
    A half truckhook impossible caught in a 50-50 – your front hand catches the tail, while the front foot lands on what was the front truck.

    The reason this trick got the name is because of how dangerous it can be. If you lean too far over and don’t keep the board up high enough, you are literally going to crush your own fingers. Lovely.

  • Half Cab Impossible
    A half cab impossible is a combination of a half cab and a fakie impossible, often confused with a rolling nosehook impossible.

    The way to tell is to look at the front foot, obviously. Also, nosehook impossibles tend to stall on the tail slightly, while the half cab impossible is more of a fluid motion. If you watch, Mullen’s are almost always nosehooks, and not half cab impossibles.