Keith Renna

Keith Renna, Truckstand Madness

A short video in which Keith Renna exhibits a very high standard of skating and excellent mastery of the truckstand and all it’s variations, along with some very impressive truck to truck transfers.

There are a whole bunch of very sweet tricks in this video, but if I had to pick out my favourite bits I would roll with…

  • The truckstand to pogo 25 seconds in.
  • Front foot impossible at 1.04.
  • Crossfooted tailstop to truckstand, 1.07.
  • At 1.15, the crossfooted cooperstand to truckstand.

Yep, I’m feeling the stylish stuff right now, even if they aren’t the most technically difficult tricks Keith does (they aren’t, by a long way). Keith rides for Outlook SkatesExternal Link

Comments On This Skate Video

whats the name of the song they play in the clip

Posted by rick on 01st of April 2006

The name of the band is Helcopter Helicopter and the song is “1234”.

Posted by Renna on 02nd of April 2006

whose that guy sponsored by

Posted by craig on 17th of April 2006

those are such good street stands….ive been trying to do some type of stndes myself …but i get too scared and i dont have the guts to want to do them..because im always thinking of the bad stuff:(:(:( im not much of a skater but i am trying to learn…i can only ollie at this mpoment…i wnat to learn these but i need help??????can anyone give me advice??

Posted by an anonymous reader on 21st of April 2006

Just do simple tricks first,like 50/50 stands,pogos and rails,then move on to more advanced tricks. I’m not very good either, but i’m happy with simple tricks for now, until i get better.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 21st of April 2006

i just cant grind or do 50/50’s or anything apart form ollie stoop still….i can also casper but i cant get out of it smoothlywhat is the easiest type of trick to learn after ollie???and how do i do it???someone plz helpx x x x x x x

Posted by an anonymous reader on 22nd of April 2006

**ollie stood still**

Posted by an anonymous reader on 22nd of April 2006

If you can bear to wait a couple of days (I’ve only just got in from a business trip to London, and it’s gone midnight) I’ll go about writing an article/blog post to help you get started with your skating.But for now, remember: try and keep comments on topic! 🙂

Posted by Tony on 22nd of April 2006

ok sorri….its just i was wondering wot the nxt best trick to learn was…and how to do it but sorri:(:(:( this guy is gr8 at flatland stands!!!!i dotn know were they get there balance…its amazing:):)

Posted by an anonymous reader on 22nd of April 2006

awsome great style especially t-stands were r u from

Posted by John on 23rd of April 2006

…I just think it should be stated that none of the clips posted so far are actually anybody that frequents this site (save for Tony’s). Also- great video, I love truckstands, although I’m still absolutely horrid with them.

Posted by Vaughn on 02nd of May 2006

Keith Renna is a huge nerd

Posted by Olly on 14th of May 2006

That is some great freestyle there, im working on some myself, but i have to balence it with my street skating

Posted by swift on 23rd of May 2006

yo man this guy has some mad skills !!!!!!!!

Posted by the big greek on 30th of June 2006

when the guy does that trick when the video is on 1:08 he makes trick look so easy. Then I tried to do it and I relised I have no Skills.

Posted by The King of Kings on 05th of August 2006

stop copying rod ney mullen

Posted by bonzo on 23rd of November 2006

can some one tell me how to truckstand

Posted by bad skate on 29th of December 2006

put your foot on the truck and put your outher foot under the board and hold it up with ur front foot

Posted by alex on 09th of January 2007

Dude keith just inspired me to keep goin on my sk8ing .. i kame to a dead end but now im goin to keep trying !! thanx keith!!

Posted by Gutter*Punk on 19th of January 2007


Posted by Anoinsadfasdf on 10th of February 2007

Dude he is awesome! He’s gonna become the next Rodney someday. I dont know how they can do truckstands though. I can only do caspers and get the foot placment for the truckstand.

Posted by KoRn on 27th of March 2007

But can he 3-flip a double set

Posted by G-Money on 02nd of April 2007

give up at life, all u fags who look up to this tool should jump off the brooklyn bridge.

Posted by alot better than this retard on 26th of April 2007

A lot better at what, exactly? Ah, that’s right; writing in shorthand.

Posted by Vaughn on 07th of May 2007

hes just like rodney

Posted by 756576 on 10th of May 2007

yur rite


Posted by $#!+ on 10th of May 2007

how many times does his board flip at 00:58???

Posted by rockallround on 20th of May 2007

and 1:44?

Posted by rockallround on 20th of May 2007

i can do that rail flip at 0:33 with my shoes at school!

Posted by nochavs on 21st of May 2007

pause it on 2:03
its so funny

Posted by zzz on 21st of May 2007

At 0:58 it does 1 and 3/4 flips plus a varial. At 1:44 it does 1 and 1/2 flips plus a varial.

Posted by Adam on 21st of May 2007

that shit was awesome..

Posted by luis on 12th of July 2007

do u need a lot of leg muscle to do a truckstand

Posted by jose on 31st of August 2007

no u just need to have the right stants

Posted by tobee on 07th of September 2007

i cant land my truckstands and it is really annoying plz help me!

Posted by joey on 29th of September 2007

I have always looked up to rodney, always will, but this guy is good! Can someone tell me how to get into truckstands? Thanks.

Posted by affron5 on 29th of September 2007

do you ollie? i’ve been tryin and can t do it

Posted by abc123 on 10th of December 2007

the best moves i ever saw

Posted by ads123 on 09th of March 2008

holly smoke hees sooo good how long has he practice.(:

Posted by camdon on 21st of April 2008

keith reminds me of rodney mullen because of the style of the tricks

Posted by cole on 07th of June 2008

You could tell Rodney Mullen inspired him.Not on topic,can someone help me with impossibles.I am bad at those.I land with 1 foot or no feet.

Posted by bigkid on 11th of July 2008



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