Skateboarding Articles & Trick Tips

Skateboarding Sponsorship FAQ
Answers to the common questions that skateboarders have about sponsorship.

Skateboarding Stances
A clear guide to the most common stances in skateboarding, including flatland stances. With diagrams and photos.

Skateboard Bearings
Guest author Tony Gale talks about bearings, how rubbish the ABEC scale is, and makes a couple of recommendations for decent bearings for your board.

Skateboarding For Beginners, Part 2
The second part of the series for beginners moves on to some basic tricks aimed at getting you moving around with your board and gaining confidence.

Rail Flip Routine
A detailed look at one of the first sequences of technical flatland tricks I developed.

Skateboarding For Beginners, Part 1
The first part of the popular series for beginners. Features practical tips on how to set up your skateboard, work out your stance and ride, turn and stop safely.

Developing Your Flatland Skateboarding
Some more flatland tricks that you can incorporate into your own routines and sessions.

Flatland Skating
I discovered technical flatland skating after attending NASS 2004, and haven’t looked back since. Read this article for some practical tips for introductory tricks and sequences.

Carpet Skating
You can practice some skateboarding tricks in the relative safety of your house. Check out some shuvit variations in this article.

Riding Fakie & Fakie Ollies
After your natural stance, fakie is the easiest stance to ride about in and pull tricks out of.

Stop your shuvits from shooting off to the side with this trick analysis and trick tip.

180° Ollies
A guide to learning backside ollies, and a brief look at the differences between the frontside and backside ollie.

How To Kickflip
How to pull off the definitive street skating trick; the kickflip. Also looks at some kickflip variants such as the sex change.

How To Ollie
A detailed step by step trick tip teaching you how to ollie while standing and rolling.