Skateboarding Videos

Ryan Fitzpatrick In “Dirigible”
A clip from this Small School Skateboards film featuring Ryan and lots of rail flip variations.

Yeah Right! (Intro)
This is the incredible slow motion intro to the Girl Yeah Right! skateboarding video… 3 minutes 58 seconds, added August 2006

Yeah Right! (Invisible Board)
“Yeah Right!” by Girl Skateboards is being held up by many as one of the best skate videos of all time, and this is my favourite clip from it… 1 minute 46 seconds, added August 2006

Highest Recorded Ollie
This is the highest ever recorded ollie, a phenomenal 44.6″ (just over 113cm) landed by Danny Wainwright. … 7 seconds, added 8th April 2006

Skateboard Superstars
A skateboarding documentary that has been out of production for almost twenty years, this one is a true gem. From the very moment the music starts the whole thing screams cheese, so pull up your kn… 26:17, added 1st April 2006

Tony Gale, Am I Missing?
Yep folks, the tricktionary editor has stepped forward with some footage filmed on a windy January in 2005 outside a supermarket. This video clip features freestyle… 2 minutes 3 seconds, added March 2006

Jesse Whalen, Welcome To The Flatland
Jesse Whalen rides with Tony Gale and Mike Green for Meta:creations… 3 minutes 51 seconds, added March 2006

Rodney Mullen, Flatland Routines
One of the best flatland routines you’re ever likely to see, this video features a youngish Rodney Mullen (I’m guessing early 90’s) pulling just about everything in the book. The high point for m… 3 minutes 35 seconds, added March 2006

Keith Renna, Truckstand Madness
A short video in which Keith Renna exhibits a very high standard of skating and excellent mastery of the truckstand and all it’s variations, along with some … 2 minutes 53 seconds, added March 2006