28th May 2006

Blank Decks

First of all, an apology. I’ve had two questions sitting in my inbox for ages and just haven’t got round to writing any new blog posts to answer them. While Adam’s off having a good time in the States, I actually have work to do, sadly. Anyhow, a question from Mattio:

“Hey i was wondering if you know anything about “moose” blank decks. Like what sort of quality they are… cos i found i set of 5 for US$50 on ebay,it seems a bit cheap for 5 decks…Thanks!I really apreciate it!”

So, blank decks. Many people swear by them, and that’s great. They’ve been a favourite of the poor/not-so-picky skater for a long while now. While Moose aren’t a make I’ve heard of, I’m pretty sure if Adam was answering this he’d say “sure, go for it. Can’t be too bad.” And yes, $50 is a bit cheap, and so you could go for it if you want. However, blank decks in general can really vary in quality. Some people swear “blank decks are just normal decks without graphics”, but I’ve seen some really awful ones. I mean, really really awful.

I guess I’m really picky about my setup. I ride one particular board, one particular type and size of truck, and wheels and bearings that I know I can trust. I just can’t afford to lose tricks or consistency because of inferior product. While graphics really don’t matter, quality does, so my advice would be:

  • Stick to a board company you can trust. Not all companies – even the big ones – produce quality product.
  • Pay attention to the small details – height, position and angle of the kicktails, for example. They can make more difference than the width of the board.
  • Don’t pay attention to gimmicks. Featherlite? No thanks. A lot of gimmicks, especially those dedicated to reducing weight, are nonsense. Most companies are out to make money, not to make good product. Remember that.
  • Finally, if you’re buying a product you’ve not seen or tried before, ask around. See if anyone can give you reliable advice. Hell, ask us and see if we can help you out.


Your Comments

When I was first starting out, I would buy a new brand of deck each time I had to replace an old one to find what I like the most, and settled on Alien Workshop (I guess it should be noted I mostly street skate). I noticed the really awful blanks when I was buying random decks, as well, but I found that blankskatesupply’s are pretty damn good, too.

Posted by Vaughn on 28th of May 2006

There isnt a skate shop near me so im stuck with a united skates deck, which isnt a very good board. After a few months, chips of wood off the kicktails are allready coming off.I think the deck will break soon, so where in england can I find a good quality deck? Can I find one on ebay?

Posted by Oldschool Al on 28th of June 2006

Al, go for an internet site like Rollersnakes. There are enough mail-order skate shops out there… unfortunatly, I’ve not had to use one for 3 years, so have no clue where you’d start! CCS might work, too.

Posted by Tony on 28th of June 2006

Rollersnakes is good, and i think ill go for a flip or element deck. they look quite good.I might also get a powell peralta…(just kidding)

Posted by Oldschool Al on 03rd of July 2006

What’s up with powell? They might have fallen from grace since the 80’s, but hey, don’t knock them. I’d take one of their decks over the ridiculous gimmicks of the other companies. (Fiberlight decks are horrible…)

Posted by Tony on 05th of July 2006

Blankskatesupply.com is sell some of the best blank decks out there. Oh, and don’t mash on Featherlite, it’s actually helpful for beginners learning to ollie, but can’t do so well. Element isn’t out for money; they’re just trying to progress on what’s been standard for so many years.

Posted by Cramps on 12th of July 2006

Of course Element isn’t out for money. I mean, with their below-average quality product and their leeching upon mediocre American trends and even more mediocre idols (Bam Margera, who hardly counts as a ‘pro-level’ skater). I hate Element.

Posted by Vaughn on 16th of July 2006

I like my featherlight and fiberlight boards, but I rekon it doesn’t make a big difference. I think it is good that companies try out new technology though. Otherwise we would still use clay wheels and plastic boards.

Posted by Christof on 30th of October 2006

im a beginner who’s had 1 deck, a generic blank deck. i weigh 85 pounds and i’m 4’9, what should i get. i don’t have very much money, 100$. i really want to get a lighter board, i was thinking of a single skull ZERO mini but none of the trucks i could find fit it. Help

Posted by spency on 07th of December 2006



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