12th May 2006

To Mongo Or Not To Mongo

“Hey, I just wanted to let ya know this is a great site, its a great place for beginners and more experienced people to learn new stuff! I was wondering, I have been skating on and off for a couple of years now and I found out what mongo stance was off your site and realised that I was mongo. My question is, is it worth trying to relearn to be normal stance?

Well Mattio, that depends on whether you are in it for fun or are trying to take skateboarding to some kind of competition level, or are looking to really improve your skateboarding. From your description, I’d say you aren’t really fussed, so it’s barely worth the effort.

I know a mongo foot skater and he says it’s likely to be extremely difficult for you to break out of the habit. Trying to push normally will feel really alien. He also says “stay mongo – it’s unique!”

Your Comments

Myself, I’d say it’s worth relearning. It’s actually more comfortable/natural to stand on your front foot as you kick. This keeps your weight over the board instead of further back. It makes it more predictable and stable, and also allows for quicker foot repositioning for tricks.

Trust me, I’m a professional skateboarding coach. Honestly.

Posted by Tony on 12th of May 2006

I agree with everything you say Tony (regarding the benefits of not being Mongo that is)… I just think, if you’re not in it for competition and you’re already having fun being a Mongo, why bother to relearn? So it takes you a couple extra seconds to be ready to trick… that’s no big deal unless you want to be really good. And of course, if you want to get into nollie, it’s much more efficient to be a mongo 😉

Posted by Adam on 22nd of May 2006


Posted by po on 23rd of May 2006

Thats right,but I use an easier way to get into nollie.All you have to is jump a little bit and shuffle your feet.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 23rd of May 2006

Actually, I do all my shuvits off the nose, the goofy freestyler I am, and have no issue with my riding stance. If anything, it’s the fastest way to do it. I just keep my front foot right at the front bolts at a comfy 45 degree angle, and I’m pretty much ready to throw any shuvit (or nollie trick, if you prefer) as soon as I stop pushing/tic-tacking/whatever.

Posted by Tony on 24th of May 2006

I do shuvits off the nose too, and off the tail for fakie ones.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 20th of June 2006

Technically… you’re doing a shuv-it off the nose if you’re doing a fakie shuv-it.

Posted by Vaughn on 21st of June 2006

i skate mongo and i have a great time doing it. but i think this summer im gonna learn how to ride regular for my new skate. just so i can bust out some tricks a few seconds faster.

Posted by mark grindcore on 01st of March 2007

hi i really really really want to learn how to skateboard like more than you would know!! just like 2 years ago i went to america and bought a new pro tony hawks board, im a goffy footed rider and im really confident at riding i just cant nail the ollie and it is the base trick for everything! i have tried so hard at doing it last summer i wrecked my elbow with trying lol is there any hits or tips you could give me??

Posted by frabcesca on 27th of May 2007

hey, i currently push mongo, i want to stop.
what is a good way to learn to push regular. When ever i try i just quit because i can barley balance at all when i try to go regular.

Posted by Mac on 23rd of June 2007

i used to push mongo and had the same problem. id say- keep pushing mongo, they say it takes longr to position yourself, but if you push unnaturally, it takes ages to position yourself anyway. besides, if it feels comfortable, do it

Posted by Mazz on 19th of July 2007

if you feel comfortable doing it, why not? It’s not a bad habit and it’s unique.

Posted by Nath on 30th of July 2007

yeh im mongo footed too but i think its cool, i like to be different and i think we should show those regular footed ppl wat we can do!

Posted by kimmi on 31st of July 2007

i have been skating for at least 2 1/2 years now and in that time i have progressed as a mongo skater. i have started skating regular and i cant even stay on the board but i just keep practicing and i know ill get it cause there is no trick to breaking out of the habit of mongo skating but practice.

Posted by matt on 03rd of August 2007

yeah i skate mongo but id liek to stop. i hate everyone telling you your mongo. i know im mongo or i would be riding like everyone else dumbasses. it would just help my style and my sponsorship chances.

Posted by Mike on 10th of August 2007

Im a mongo skater and i have to say that i dont like it much… i mean if feels comfortable its just that i dont have as good control over the board when im riding compared to when i ride goofy. i just cant nail anything with left foot lol.

Posted by Seth on 13th of August 2007

Hi,well i’d just like to say 2 other mongo riders out there that if it’s comfortable,then why not? Stick with it and practise,you’ll gain more control and better moves.It doesn’t really matter which way you skate,as long as you like it.

Posted by kristen on 24th of August 2007

Hi, i push mongo to, and I just find it a natural way to skate, when I try to skate regular I can’t keep my balance
So stay mongo, be different :p

(sorry if my English isn’t that good I’m from Belgium, I really am Iedereen ga skaten<= Dutch :p)
Don’t worry be happy and… just skate ur ass off!!

Posted by Bryan (Belgium) on 04th of September 2007

I totally agree with you there Bryan 😀

Mongo is only a different way to sk8,i don’t see what the problem is with it.

I have the same problem as Bryan,i find it unnatural to sk8 any other way

Posted by Kristen on 09th of September 2007

We just have the problem here in Belgium that a lot but I mean really a lot of skaters push regular, and It just freaks me out.It looks almost like i’m the only mongo skater :p 🙁

Posted by Bryan (Belgium) on 10th of September 2007

Yep im a mongo skater i got told to skate regular if i wanted to get sponserd but i beleive that you should still be able to get sponserd even if your mongo do you guys no any mongo skaters?

Posted by Dylan on 14th of September 2007

I’m not sure but I think Bill Danforth is a mongo skater, but i’m not sure, u can always chack

Posted by Bryan (Belgium) on 16th of September 2007

please do not push mongo ever again!

Posted by skatred on 01st of October 2007

dude why?

Posted by Bryan (Belgium) on 13th of October 2007

i push mongo.so wot? i think its comfertable so if u dont lick it stick it up ur arse

Posted by sk8ter dude on 13th of October 2007

I am mongo regular…
I dont think that mongo style is a problem
but i think regular-REGULAR looks better…
im thinking of changing from mongo-regular to REGULAR-REGULAR…

Posted by GREEK on 25th of October 2007



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