26th April 2006

The Tricktionary

Hey, Tony again. As it probably will be for a while. I’ve been working on the Tricktionary for months now, gradually building up, and it’s still not done. However, just recently, I’ve noticed some really strange things popping up in the “searched for” list – in other words, some of you guys are searching for some really odd words.

Amongst my current favourites are:

  • “Every trick” (someone really did type that)
  • Ferrquizginuff
  • Firespin
  • flipside 360
  • F*ck (edited, as Adam would kill me otherwise)
  • Greek Black Pudding
  • Kaos flip
  • nit flip
  • Ollie Variations (why would we make “Ollie variations” an entry in the trick list? That doesn’t make much sense to me.)
  • shecklair
  • videos

Now, some of them – Kaos flip, firespin etc – sound almost sensible. Or, at least, they would if they actually existed. Not only have I not heard of these, but google searches bring up nothing (other than some naked ladies twirling burning sticks for the firespin!), and no one else seems to have heard of them, either.

Still, don’t be discouraged to use the search feature; It’s there for a reason. All I ask is that you keep it to sensible searches – not things like “Ferrquizginuff” and that you realise it is only tricks and skate terms in the tricktionary. Searching for “videos” will NOT give you some top-secret skate video we’re hiding from everyone else!

Your Comments

lol, someone actually searched for f*ck? Don’t people have anything better to do?Some of these have actually been submitted, I’ll forward them on to you Tony.

Posted by Adam on 27th of April 2006

Gotta love the Greek Black Pudding.

Posted by Vaughn on 03rd of May 2006

Lol,I bet ferrquizginuff is some kind of grind to revert.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 03rd of May 2006

Actually, I bet someone THINKS it’s a grind to revert.

People make up trick names all the time. I’m a purist, so it bothers me slightly. Today, I got a trick suggestion called “skeleton”, which was just a description of a street plant. Eventually, we’ll have a “nonsense names” category, I think, just to keep track and sort out all these made-up names. Oh, and one of the new ones that showed up in the list today was a “free pups”….

Posted by Tony on 04th of May 2006

I’ve seen the kickflip frontside boardslide being called a “flick to frontboard”‘and the frontside bluntslide shuvit out being called a “frontblunt shuvit”.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 08th of May 2006

i love skating my parent don’t under stand

Posted by jill on 09th of December 2006



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