1st April 2006

How To Do Lots Of Tricks, New York Skate Jam

“How do you do these tricks : primo, mullen, casperslide, primoslide, and double kickflip?”

*Takes deep breath* Well, to do those you need to do be able to do a bunch of other things first.

For example, a double kickflip is simply the same as a kickflip, except you put a more powerful flick on it. If you can kickflip, then it’s a logical progression. If you can’t kickflip, read this.

A primoslide (which is the same as a primo, or railslide) requires you to be able to confidently flip into a railstand (either with a quarter or three quarter kickflip or heelflip), it’s not a trick to be attempted lightly. Ideally you’ll also need an extremely slippery surface, you’ve probably seen Rodney Mullen do them and he has a flat metal platform waxed all to hell to do his railslides on.

A casperslide is similar, you need to be able to confidently flip into a casper position (half or one and a half kickflip). Again, this isn’t easy. But if you can flip into the casper, then you could probably move on to a casper slide without too much trouble simply by doing the trick while rolling at a reasonable pace – just find a suitable obstacle, or do it on flatground.

I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘Mullen’ – maybe you could let me know so I can add it to the tricktionary.

New York Skate Jam

I’m going to be in New York in April but irritatingly I’m leaving to head into the deep south on the 27th, just in time to miss the second Arbor Day Skate Jam on the 28th, in Alfred. It’s big and free and if you’re in that area probably worth going along. Email [email protected] or go hereExternal Link for more information

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What is the name of the trick where you flip the deck onto its side, with your feet on the wheels, and you slide?

Posted by Chriz on 01st of April 2006

Chriz – if the deck is touching the floor, that’s a Primoslide/railslide, whichever name you prefer. If the deck isn’t sliding, and you’re holding it up in a wheelie, it’s called a coconut wheelie – see my video on this site for examples.

Posted by Tony on 01st of April 2006



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