21st February 2006

NASS 2006 Tickets

As many of you will know, this years NASS (national adventure sports show) is taking place 28th-30th July at the NEC in Birmingham. This is a big change form previous years which have been held at the Bath & West showground. Ostensibly the change is to celebrate the 10th year of the show, but the theory bouncing around many forums such as the UK trials forumExternal Link is that last years rioting may have more than a little to do with the venue change.


Tickets are available now from See TicketsExternal Link… in fact they’ve been available for quite some time, pretty early compared to previous years. I guess this is because they have more than three times the capacity of previous years due to the change of venue.

It will be a relief to many I’m sure to see camping tickets available, considering the uproar there was when the venue change was announced and the fears that there wouldn’t be any camping.

This year promises to be amazing (more updates soon) and frankly I would kill to be there. NASS 2004 was where I originally got into flatland skating and I have been attending faithfully since 2003. Unfortunately I will be in the States on a 4 month road trip this year. Damn.

Are You American?

If you are one of my many American visitors, please let me know if there are any good extreme sports festivals going on between April and August so that we can rock up in our badass RV/bus type thing and join the fun.

Your Comments

Eh, I am not aware of any big skate/bmx festivals here anytime soon. Of course, I am also most likely very wrong. Will let you know if I hear of something going on, though.

Posted by Vaughn on 22nd of February 2006



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