19th February 2006

Learning New Tricks

I tend to flitter about from trick to trick when I’m skating so there are very few things that I can do with total consistency. Often when I land something a couple of times I’ll move on to something else because there are so many tricks out there to learn.

Today I’ve been messing around with truckstands. This is because last weekend I was playing with a fingerboard and working out ways to get into a truckstand, and I found a way that seemed like it would be really simple.

That was to do a tailstop then hook my front foot under the deck behind the front truck, and from there just kind of reverse the skateboard by pulling it up with my foot, adjusting leg positioning as necessary.

Unfortunately that turned out to not be as easy as it seemed. So while I find the actual truckstand quite easy to balance and rotate, I’m still experimenting with ways to get in to the stance (and funky ways to get out as well for that matter).

Does anyone else do truckstands – how do you get in and out of them?

What trick are you learning at the moment?

Your Comments

I can not get into the truckstand stance, myself, so you would not be getting much help from me. Though, I am trying to learn no-complies, and am having absolutely hell with them. Anyone have a tip or two? Maybe actually explain HOW?

Posted by Vaughn on 20th of February 2006

Hmm, not knowing exactly what you are trying or what you are having difficulty with anything I say is a bit of a stab in the dark. Are you just doing a straight no comply (an alternative ollie for want of a better word) or some kind of variant?

I have never done a regular no comply, although I used to do no comply shuvits a lot because they are really fun.

Posted by Adam on 20th of February 2006

Yeah, just a regular one. My problem is that I can nott get it to pop up right.

Posted by Vaughn on 21st of February 2006

To me it seems like it’s basically the same as when you pick up your board by popping it up into your hand, except you then knock it back down and level with your knee. Maybe you could look at how you would normally pop the board up to catch it and then try and replicate this as you step off your board to do the no comply.

Posted by Adam on 21st of February 2006

Ahh, I got them down now. My problem was that I am used to popping the tail down like that with my right foot (I ride goofy), so I just have to do them in switch.

Posted by Vaughn on 21st of February 2006

Yeah, I’m also goofy and I also pop the skateboard up with my right foot 🙂 As I was writing that, I was thinking “hmmm, this won’t work if he rides like me…” lol.

Posted by Adam on 22nd of February 2006

there are different ways to get into a truckstand and different was to get ou to a truckstand. the way you discribed: a tailstop to switch truckstand, its eassier to start in a nosestop position if you want to do it that way. Another thing to make it more easier is do grab the board with you front hand (right for goofy, left for regular) and just hold you board all the way so you land in a 50/50, then put your front foot under the nose and release your front hand. A sencond (more easy in my opinion) way to get into a truckstand is to do a half fingerflip from a tailstop (its the easiest to land this in a 50/50 but landing in a “real” truckstand is WAY cooler.

Okay, to get out there are three ways.
1.a half fingerflip, you just grab the nose and do half a flip to land it (EASY)
2.truckstand flip, you use your feet to ROLL the board over, having your front foot in the MIDDLE of your nose so it can easely roll of: use you back foot to flip te board
3. half imbossible fingerflip, grab your nose, then jump a bit upwards and then flip the board with your hand like a half a backflip motion. JUMP or else you cant land on the same spot (or you just scrape the board over the floor and ruin your tail).
4. half impossible truckstand flip (personal favorite) just the same as 3 but you use your front foot to flip the board instead of your hand(this one is hard to do, but fun)

Posted by Martijn on 21st of March 2006

there are FOUR ways to get out

DAMN, I cant count

Posted by Martijn on 21st of March 2006

Oh, nice. The first way IS really easy.

Posted by Vaughn on 22nd of March 2006

I got 50/50 stands down, and the rap around and pogo,but I dont do truckstand tricks anymore becuase they damage my kicktails of my new deck. I sometimes do caspers though, but I was wondering if somebody could give some tips on getting out of the casper,like casper flips?

Posted by Oldschool Al on 01st of July 2006

Well first off you could just do as I do and just sorta do a small pop shuvit. Its a very suttle jump when you do it. It will flip for you on its own when you do it like this. Of course you could also try to take it to the next step and jump a little higher with it and kick it a little harder. It will give you a nice 360 flip variation out of it. Landing on the bord is another story. Its finding a happy middle with the flip and jump hight. Its difficult to get the hang of.

Posted by Mike on 03rd of August 2006

you have it right (in my opinion) except im regular, and i do it from nosestop, and i stand with my left foot on the nose and hold my right hand on the tail (wich is not touching the ground) and in one swift moment pull the board up and jump from your left foot to your right foot on the truck. switch hands if neccesary.

Posted by Avery on 05th of March 2007

how to do the state fish on a skateboard

Posted by adler joseph on 06th of June 2007



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