Skateboarding Tricktionary – Y

Yeah Right Manual

Riding two skateboards with a foot on each, one in a nosemanual and one in a manual. Note that another name for this is a daffy manual. ‘Yeah right manual’ comes from the Girl skate movie ‘Yeah Right’ (rightly famous for having invisible skateboards and super slow motion) where Eric Koston does this trick. It was also known as a yeah right manual in Tony Hawks Pro Skater, and has therefore made it’s way into more popular use than ‘daffy manual’.

Yo Yo Plant

A flat ground trick which is essentially a one-handed handstand. While rolling in fakie, place your front hand on the ground and grab your board with the other, then invert yourself, keeping hold of the board with both your hand and feet. After holding the trick, drop down the other way and land in regular stance. Contributor of this trick says “this is very hard and may take years to master”. Personally I’m not going to even try – my whole weight on one wrist? No thanks!

YoHo Plant

A shorter, condensed name for a Yoyo to Hoho plant (where you do a Yoyo plant and let go of the board to end up in a Hoho position).