Skateboarding Tricktionary – V


Used generally to help describe tricks, this is lateral rotation of the skateboard or rider. Each varial rotation is 180.

More specifically the name of an actual trick where the board is spun 180 laterally by the hands. Named after the inventors sponsor, Variflex (who knows the actual guys name?).

Varial Heelflip

A heelflip where the skateboard also does a 180 frontside shuvit. A backside varial heelflip is known as an inward heelflip.

Varial Kickflip

A kickflip where the skateboard also does a 180 backside shuvit. A varial kickflip where the varial part of the trick is done frontside is known as a hardflip.

Vert Skating

The name given to the style of skateboarding using half pipes and focussing on gaining maximum air in combination with various grab tricks and lots of rider rotation.