Skateboarding Tricktionary – N

Natas Spin

Named after it’s inventor, Natas Kaupas, the Natas spin entails spinning around on the top of a pole (or anything else that sticks up vertically) in what can only be described as a boardslide position. Usually ollied into. If you need to see an example, track down the 1980’s Santa Cruz video, “Streets on Fire”, where Natas himself does one on a fire hydrant.

Natural Stance

Unless you have ambidextrous feet you will have a natural stance. Quite simply this is the way you feel most comfortable standing on a skateboard – left foot forward (regular footed) or right foot forward (goofyfoot). Natural stance isn’t necessarily determined by your footedness either – I’m right footed so by all rights I should be a regular footed skater, but I’m a goofyfoot.

Nightmare Flip

A varial double kickflip; the skateboard does two full flips and a 180° varial rotation. While ‘nightmare flip’ refers to the varial double kickflip, as far as I know there is no special name for a varial double heelflip.


A 540° body varial. Named after Danny Mayer, the skater who invented it.

No Comply

1. Similar to a boneless except you don’t use your hand to lift the skateboard after stepping off the board. Bizarelly, after popping the skateboard with your back foot you then use your back knee to knock the board forward and level before jumping on it off of your front foot.

2. Any trick that doesn’t require your front foot can be done as a no comply as well – for example a no comply shuvit, a no comply pressure flip or a no comply fingerflip. All involve stepping off the skateboard with your front foot and then using that foot to get airborne while your back foot or hands do something funky with the skateboard.


Nollie has two meanings in skateboarding…

1. Nollie stance. When you are in your natural stance but standing at the front of the skateboard instead of the back, with your front foot on the nose and your back foot near the middle of the board, you are said to be ‘in nollie’.

2. An ollie performed off the nose of the skateboard while in nollie stance.

Nollies and any other trick done in nollie stance are very difficult. Even riding around in nollie stance is quite arduous. Only switch stance is more difficult.

Nollie Flip

A kickflip performed in nollie stance. The legs perform the opposite function they normally would to do a kickflip, and the trick is executed off the nose of the board.


Part of a skateboard – the front kicktail. Note that if you turn the board round the nose isn’t at the back all of a sudden – the nose is always at the front (although most skateboarders have an end they prefer as the nose and an end they prefer as the tail).


Boning the front leg, pushing the nose of the skateboard forwards in the process.


A grab trick performed by holding the nose of the skateboard with the front hand.


A grind trick performed with the skateboard paralel to the obstacle and balancing on the front truck only.

Nosehook Impossible

An impossible performed by hooking the front foot under the nose of the skateboard and using it to pull the board over and around the back foot. When done rolling, it’s often done fakie with a 180° spin (straight ones are very awkward when rolling), meaning rolling nosehooks often get confused with half cab impossibles, most notably in the Tony Hawk’s games.


A slide on the underside of the nose. The skateboard is at right angles to the obstacle with the nose pressed onto it, sliding along with the rest of the board hanging out into the air.


A simple stall on the underside of the nose. The skateboard is at right angles to the obstacle with the nose pressed onto it, with the rest of the board hanging out into the air.

In this article about ollying I use the nosestall as a stepping stone towards ollying on the move.


A manual/wheelie balanced on the front wheels instead of the back wheels. ‘Nosewheelie’ may also be used.


180° ollie into a switch feeble grind, with a 180° out to land regular.