Skateboarding Tricktionary – E

Early Grab

Any grab trick that is grabbed before take off. Although generally done off or out of a ramp, they can be done off the floor by simply pulling the board up as you jump.


An invert done with the front hand planted and the board grabbed indy instead.


This is a fakie 360° invert. The name comes from a combination of the caballerial – a fakie 360° ollie – and the name of the inventor, Eddie Elguera.

Emerald Flip

Quite simply, an emerald flip is another name for a 360° inward heelflip.


Turning 180° with the board. Like switching except usually performed over and over and over again. See this flatland skating article for more information.

English Flip

An irish flip from casper instead of from a no handed 50-50.

English Handstand

One of the harder handstands, this trick is basically nothing more than a standard handstand with both hands in the middle of the board, gripping onto the sides of the deck, which means that your body is parallel with the board during the handstand – making it a lot harder to balance. English handstand flips can be done with practice – working much like a classic kickflip.

English Wheelie

An English wheelie is the same as the Danish wheelie, but actually balanced and held as a wheelie instead of letting the tail drag across the floor.