Anyone Can Open A Skateshop

Pretty cool that a 16 year old can open a skate shop. Wonder if it will still be open in 6 months time?

New Skate Terms & Trick Definitions


Free Skateboards, T-Shirts & Skate DVD

About Skateboarding has a competition running where you can win two Gareth Stehr pro decks, one set of wheels, a t-shirt and the new Go Go Toe Skate DVD. This competition ends on the 6th of December and you can find out all the details here.

To enter you are supposed to trawl through the About website and the Foundation Skateboards site finding the answers to these five questions…

  • Who’s the artist that created the graphic for Gareth Stehr’s Crooks deck?
  • Which Foundation DVDs have featured Gareth Stehr’s skateboarding?
  • Foundation had an add with Gareth Stehr jumping out of a jar of what?
  • What was Foundation’s 15th anniversary film?
  • When was the last time you wet yourself in public?

But hell, I’ll give you the answers (to the first four) because I’m just that nice. E-mail them to Steve at [email protected].

  • Chris Ryniak
  • Madness & Mayhem, That’s Life Flick
  • Vegemite
  • That’s Life Flick
Lack Of Internet

I have huge amounts of tricktionary entries to update, both from Tony’s massive list and all the tricks you guys have been patiently submitting over the past couple of weeks. My Internet connection has been hijacked by my brother recently for the purposes of playing world of warcraft (yawn). We’re now networked right up and I will be able to get on with adding the tricks starting right now.

EDIT : All of the corrections e-mailed to me by Tony Gale are done. Starting on new submissions tomorrow…


Caught In The Act, The Secret To Successful Pressure Flips

I was watching Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song – Round 1 the other day and I happened to pause it right at this moment where Rodney is about to pressure flip.

Look how much his back foot is hanging off – now you know what you need to do!

I’m Wrong, So Very Very Wrong

Tony Gale e-mailed me a couple of days ago with a list of corrections and new additions to the tricktionary longer than my arm. I’m happy to say there weren’t any major mistakes, and predictably the area where he owned me most was flatland tricks. I’m very grateful anyway, and hopefully I will find time to phase in all (well, nearly all) of his suggestions in the next week or so.