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NASS 2005

The National Adventure Sports Show is the biggest extreme sports and music festival in Europe. Now clocking up it’s eight year, NASS 2005 will bring together skateboarders, trials, bmx and dirt jump bikers, bladers, hordes of people up for a good time, dozens of overpriced food and drink stands and a wicked all night drum ‘n’ bass warehouse in an orgy of extremeness.

How can you justify missing this?

  • Amateur & pro street skateboarding competitions.
  • Incredible street skatepark open to skateboarders, BMX & inliners.
  • Kings Of Vert pro (and I mean pro) skateboard & BMX demos.
  • Crazy dirt jump and trials riders all over the place.
  • All day live music stage and all night DJ’s.
  • Motocross, boarder cross, and any other type of cross you can think of.
  • Bungeeeee! And other extreme attractions.
  • Way better weather than Glastonbury.
  • Lots of hot chicks.
  • Put simply, if it’s extreme it’s here.

Matt Hoffman, Simon Tabron & co graced us with their presence last year as well as Dirty Sanchez who are confirmed for a feature length act again this year. NASS ’04 also featured the ‘Jump London’ crew, the freestyle frisbee world champion (has to be seen to be believed) and a posse of old skool flatland skateboarders who I hope will be making an appearance this year as quite frankly they blew me away last time – the closest most of us will get to Rodney Mullen.

This will be my third year at the festival and who knows, if you see a really janky (read : bad) skateboarder on a rubbish skateboard somewhere it could be me! I will as usual be writing an article about my experience at NASS this year so make sure to come back for that in a month or so.


You’re too late – watch this space for news about NASS 2006 next year – or sign up to the Board Crazy newsletter to receive all that kind of stuff direct to your inbox!

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