20th July 2006

Stay Positive

An email from Stephen –

I am 20 years old, and i just recently started skateboarding. I’ve been reading your articles, and they are really helpful. I am currently in a sport in college, and unfortunately i have to be a little bit cautious when it comes to skateboarding, because i don’t want to get hurt and lose my scholarship. However, i’ve been wanting to do it for a long time, so i decided to do just ride around on it, and maybe if i got comfortable enough, try to learn a few tricks, at least until i am done competing in my current sport.

My problem is that i’m having a hard time really getting completely comfortable with just riding. Sometimes i’ll feel pretty good, but then all of a sudden i’ll lose my footing. I think some of it has to do with my bow-leggedness, but i don’t think that should make much of a difference. It just feels like i don’t push off smoothly, like maybe i’m pushing off to the side or something. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for the sweet articles.

Good on you for starting. I’m afraid I can’t help you too much with pushing off and riding around – I take it you’ve read this article? It contains pretty much everything I can give you on that subject. Other than that it’s just practice practice practice.

One other tip though is not to be too afraid of hurting yourself – that’s a sure way to make it more likely you will hurt yourself. A lot of skateboarding is the mental side, staying positive and when you move on to doing tricks being confident that you can land them solidly. If you start thinking about injuries, you will end up not putting 100% into staying above the board, and aside from not being able to land any tricks you’ll also put yourself in more danger because the board will be more likely to slip from under you. So, just keep that in mind.

Your Comments

By pushing off, do you mean pushing off to move from a stationary position, or just pushing to gain more speed while moving? If it’s the latter, then just remember to keep your pushing foot close to your board when pushing and not far off to the side, as that uncenters you for a bit and makes it awkward. Just flow through it with confidence when you’re pushing, don’t move ‘clunky’.

Posted by Vaughn on 21st of July 2006

Thanks… I think i figured out that pushing from too far out from the board was my problem when i wanted to gain speed. It helps a lot when i keep my foot closer to the board. I’ve already gotten a lot more comfortable, since i sent my first message, from just practicing and taking my foot placement into account.

Posted by Stephan on 23rd of July 2006

hey, I’m 20 and I started skateboarding recently, too. Good to the that I’m not the only one new to it at this age.

Posted by Julian on 23rd of September 2006

im 13 nd got my board fer a bargain price bout two days ago just started too
in reply i have to say that its probably youre boards lean if its a set then its more likely to have one like mine but if you do it so that it leans toward the foot youre pushing with then youre board foot if you hang the heel off then it should correct it works with mine

Posted by jacob on 26th of September 2006

Just try to push, and not ride. Try to fnd the best foot placement( after ‘pushing’), that suits you best! Then go to a street that you can roll down, or up and try to keep your balance.

Just never give up, eventually you will learn it probarly.

Posted by Kwadi on 26th of October 2006

I just started skating at age thiry! I haven’t done it in twenty years! Your articles on beginning are excellent. When will you post #3? I’ve been trying to just learn how to ride and your tips are excellent. I noticed that I gained a lot more control while pushing if I paid attention to foot placement like the article says, but also I found that making sure that my legs were slightly bent made it a lot easier to stay on the board. I naturally wanted to almost stad up after each push.

Please post #3! Thanks.

Posted by David on 28th of October 2006

I just started at the age of 36. It is a lot more difficult if you are older, but it still is a lot of fun. Even if it takes ages to get even the basics right. It’s just a bit embarrasing in front of the kids 🙂

I love the articles btw, any chance for #3 ?

Posted by Christof on 30th of October 2006

Yes, sfb3 is in the pipeline guys. Check out the “keep up to date” panel on the left if you want an up to the minute report when it is posted!

Posted by Adam on 31st of October 2006

yea i had the same problem for about 2 year i was to pussy to land shit fresh or even on the board id freak out and land one footed on pupose and it took me 2 years to break the habit because thats what it became but seriously just think positive be confident and when doing tricks dont think about whats gonna happen just think about what your gonna do and do it the more you think about landing it and really wanting it yull do it. mainly think you can know you can and trust me you can like my mom tought and the little engine that could allways think i think i can i mutter it while trying new tricks cause once i do them and know i can do them i get less afraid

Posted by patrick on 24th of May 2007



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