2nd June 2006

Where’s Rodney When You Need Him?

Sedona, Arizona skate spot

Some of the most famous video parts that Rodney Mullen has done involve him manualling and nose manualling across two or more picnic benches, generally with a flip of some sort between each bench.

In my travels across America I have naturally seen and skated a lot of decent skate spots, but if one place is screaming out to have a video part filmed there it has to be this row of 17 benches near Sedona in Arizona – somewhere that would test the skills of any street skater, and with phenomenal views across a forested mountain gorge (behind me as I took this photo) as well.

My attempts to trick this spot were pathetic and not worth documenting, but if anyone lives in or near Arizona and is looking for a challenge, get up to the scenic overview at the top of Oak Creek Canyon, and remember to take a video camera with you.

Your Comments

That place looks great. I may be taking a trip up to Arizona pretty soon to visit a friend of mine. I’ll see if I can break away from her to visit the spot.

Posted by Vaughn on 03rd of June 2006

Good luck, let me know how you get on. The benches are on a fair old slope and are very smooth so if you go down hill you’re going to get a lot of speed fast. Then my problem is that it’s simply not possible for me to trick multiple times in a row in such quick succession, even just ollying. Hopefully you’ll do a little better!

Posted by Adam on 03rd of June 2006

So the benches are set on a downhill slope? About how long would you guess each bench is? Also, the gaps between each looks somewhere around a foot long, am I right? I can trick in succession decently enough, but not anything impressive, mostly just ollies, shuv-its/pop shuv-its, kickflips and heelflips (I guess just simple stuff that doesn’t involve flipping the board AND spinning it around, like varial flips). From the looks of it, though, shuv-its are completely out of the equation for those. I’ll see if I can drag a video camera along so I’ll have footage of myself being owned by inanimate objects, or maybe the other way around.

Posted by Vaughn on 03rd of June 2006

Yep they’re on a slope, and I reckon each bench is eight feet long. The gaps range from 12″ to possibly 30″ for a couple (I remember thinking about riding across it on my bike, and thinking the wheels would fall down one or two of the gaps easily). But I guess they probably get shuffled about quite a lot and you could move them closer if you wanted.

Posted by Adam on 03rd of June 2006

I think the idea here is manualing across them and tricking the gaps (eg manual to 360 flip to nose manual) all the way accross the 17 benches.The mutt could do it, with practice, probably with a darkslide thrown in at the end, and maybe a casper slide to give it some Mullen style.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 10th of June 2006

I would need loads of practice just to do a grind on one of them.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 10th of June 2006

I can ollie onto a table but can’t grind on it or anything. Sounds like an awesome sk8 place.Also if you want to see some good Rodney Mullen videos go to google video and watch any of those.

Posted by Ian on 03rd of October 2006

ur site great it really helped me learn to skateboard but on how to kick flip i just dont get how to flip the board in a kick flip u sed not to kick down so i dont but im not sur do u lik get ur foot underneth and flip it or something else.

Posted by J-man on 09th of October 2006

For a kickflip you kick diagonally forwards off the corner of your kicktail. If you kick down you’ll have trouble landing it.

You can put your foot under and flip up but that’s a different trick altogether – underflip.

Posted by Adam on 09th of October 2006

i find it hard to vaireal how do you do it???

Posted by mike on 01st of April 2007

Thats so easy, but if there were flip tricks involved then it would get a little harder.

Posted by sk8er mike on 16th of May 2007

I live right neard sedona, where exactly is this spot….

Posted by Jordan Raths on 24th of June 2007

It’s north of the town, you drive out up the winding road that goes around the edge of the valley and eventually you get to the aforementioned scenic overview that looks right down oak creek canyon back towards sedona.

Posted by Adam on 24th of June 2007

Its so easy, just dont try and do anything you dont think you could do or just dont go big. Ive done a manual across all of them about 4 or 5 times now.

Posted by G Swizzy on 16th of July 2007



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