12th May 2006

Protecting Your Deck

“Can u get some sort of protection for the bottom of your deck, so when you skate the picture doesn’t skratch off?”

I’m not sure, I’ve never heard of anything like that or tried to look for anything like it before, but I’ll post this up to see if anyone else knows of any product.

You could use something not necessarily for skateboards though – like a hardcoat gloss varnish, you could pick some up from a hardware store quite cheaply. I don’t know how effective it would be but it would certainly offer some level of protection (and might even lengthen your slides).

The whole scratching thing though, it’s the best reason not to buy a more expensive pro deck – it’s blank decks all the way for me.

Your Comments

There is a line of decks called (LIBTECH) the decks are made of wood & fibreglass if you get one with a fibre glass bottom the graphics will not come off but the down side is the graphics aren’t that cool on these decks so its here nor there.Id go with the blanks too there the best bang for your buck! anyways you should worry more about your skating than the pretty picture on your board?

Posted by Lonestar on 12th of May 2006

My two cents:

Graphics aren’t that important, really. If you really want to protect them, your best option is using “rails” – lengths of plastic you bolt on the underside of the deck, parallel (and close to) to the sides. They also reduce friction, theoretically, meaning longer slides. And strengthen your board, overall.
However, I’d go with pro decks, and not blanks. They tend to be better quality. That said, be wary of gimmicks like “fiberlight” etc. Most gimmicks don’t work at all.

Posted by Tony on 12th of May 2006

I got a new board a couple of weeks ago and the picture underneath is already wearing away,after a few stalls and slides.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 15th of May 2006

The graphics on my decks are usually gone within a few days of getting them. Simply put- skateboards aren’t meant to be pretty or ‘neat-looking’, they’re meant to be ridden.

Posted by Vaughn on 19th of May 2006

I’m only a beggener skater with a couple tricks in my bag but, my board has these orange rials on them there called grinders and you screw them to the bottom of your board and it protects the picture and lets your board last longer

Posted by Tony on 26th of May 2006


Posted by skater-DGK on 31st of May 2006

They used to have this plastic rails to screw onto the bottom of your board in the 80ies.

Posted by Christof on 30th of October 2006

there is this product called slip tape tha ti ve tried. its a thick layer of see through plastic that you stick on the bottom of your board… the board that i used it on was a heat transfer board. (heat transfer boards are kinda of like iron on graphics, it is used for mom intricate graphics) slip tape did not work good on this type of board, it peeled,and if the nose cracked it would bubble up from the air that came in it. Like i saidI tried it ona heat transfer board so i do not know how it deffers from regular painted ones. Another feature of slip-tape is no wax need for rail which was the only reason i experimented with it. heres the website : sliptape.net/

Posted by Big Mike on 29th of January 2007

You can buy plastic “ribs” for the rails of your board that help you slide and protect the graphic at the middle. You can get them off the Powell-Peralta website, they are cheap and last ages

Posted by Joe on 19th of February 2007

it helps to keep ur graphic alive if u
1)wax ur deck
2)dont alide too sharp objects (50-50’s make rails sharp)
3)if u boardslide make sure iys a round rail

i dont think u can prevent noseslides…

Posted by isaak on 24th of February 2007



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