27th April 2006

Leap Of Faith

Jamie Thomas, Leap Of Faith

Yes, I’m still here. Question from the mysteriously named ‘DJ’ :

“what are the highest things you know of that people do a bomb drop off of on to flat ground? I know danny way has done all kinds of ridiculous drops, off the hard rock cafe guitar and such, but what about landing on flat ground?”
– DJ

I dunno DJ, the biggest drop on to flat I’ve ever seen is Jamie Thomas’ so called “Leap Of Faith” off of the stairs in the famous southern California school where everyone and their dog goes to film skate videos. He almost landed it (his skateboard broke), and I think that was about 25 feet or something, pretty insane. Of course, it wasn’t a bomb drop, it was an ollie grab, although the same could be achieved with a bomb drop. I expect many people (possibly including Jamie Thomas, if my memory doesn’t fail) have broken legs or ankles doing that drop (it’s also been attempted by rollerbladers who have met with similar fates), so that seems to be about the limit. Ultimately, the biggest bomb drop you’ll ever see is going to be limited by the ability of the human body to take the punishment we dish out to it. I doubt anything much bigger than 30′, or 10 metres, is really possible.

Of course, someone will come along here and prove me wrong.
– Adam

Your Comments

Hmm, I remember that particular picture being of Andrew Reynolds, but I’m most likely completely wrong.

Posted by Vaughn on 28th of April 2006

One of the major problems you’d have with bomb dropping off something is that it’s just straight down. It’s easier to run and jump off something, as you can roll when you land to break your fall. The same applies on a skateboard; the forward momentum means some of the shock of landing is absorbed, dissapated, or something along those lines. If you just bomb drop off, there’s no forwards momentum and you’ll just pile straight into the floor.Oh, and Vaughan, I have just watched my copy of Thrill of it All, and unless it was Andrew Reynolds doing the gap in that video, that is certainly Jamie Thomas. Same clothes, same position in the air, same pose, same hairstyle, same guy.

Posted by Tony on 29th of April 2006

Huh… alright, that settles it, then. I haven’t seen Thrill of it All.

Posted by Vaughn on 30th of April 2006

Vaughan, you should. It’s pretty good; I don’t like street skating a whole lot, but there’s something about that video I just love.

Posted by Tony on 30th of April 2006

recently some one kickflipped EL TORO 22 set stairs wich i think might be higher than the leap of faith maybe not? check out transwporld june 2006

Posted by Lonestar on 01st of May 2006

I don’t think it is, unless they’re large steps. I counted 8 steps on the set off to the side in the picture, and took and it looks like the drop fits three of those stes of stairs, making it 24 overall, of course. But, then again, my eyesight sucks at times.

Posted by Vaughn on 01st of May 2006

Actually, on second thought, it’s probably more than 24 steps.

Posted by Vaughn on 01st of May 2006

I once heard that somebody,one of the 411s,once fingerfliped something like that. It actualy might have been that very set.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 02nd of May 2006

el toro is big but not as big as jamies jump that is bigger ok

Posted by dane talbot on 26th of May 2006

no one has ever actually rolled away from the leap of faith.jamie thomas brokeh his board but his legs reamined in tact.no one ever landed it. ever.

Posted by an anonymous reader on 21st of June 2006

its the El Toro 20! (i go to school there) and no its not bigger than the leap of faith.

Posted by Andy on 06th of October 2006

i am your biggest fan and i would like to try to do the leap of faith! you rock man and i would like to meet you and try your stunt.

Posted by dustin on 18th of January 2007

i want to see you in youre next video kickflip a 17 stair like nigha houston

Posted by enjoi rider on 24th of January 2007

The Leap of Faith:
-It is 18 feet, 8 inches
-27 stairs high
-Supposedley made impossible to skate in 2002

Posted by zero obsesser on 25th of January 2007

hey can yot drop in off a wall like straight down……and how do u bomb drop

Posted by rich on 27th of January 2007

cuz i wana do some gaps like that but i live in the middle of nowhere…..if u have ne advice on how to practise street in a garage….. i have an x factor kicker ramp and wood for materials…..ty for info ….

Posted by rich on 27th of January 2007

im pretty sure, that the biggest drop iv seen someone do to flat is the huge set ali boulala attempts (twice) in either flip – sorry, or flip – really sorry… it was insane, first he snapped his deck, then he bailed out halfway down n it looked like he messed himself up good.. CHEERS THE BEERS!

Posted by Lennon Giesbrecht on 01st of February 2007

come guys,picture yourself up there looking down.It is HUGE that is y its called the Leap of Faith!!!!But that was a very long time ago he could land it now without a doubt,but are there any other videos of people tryin it?

Posted by Ryan McGoldrick on 03rd of February 2007

That anyone would try that gap is ridiculous. To correct a few people though El Toro is 20 stairs and Dave Bachinsky kickflipped it. It is big but not nearly as big as this.

Posted by Ryan on 25th of February 2007

jamie thomas is the only one who will land it just give it some more time

Posted by jon on 29th of March 2007

I’d like to see someone land that 25 stair ali boulala tried. Thats pretty huge.

Posted by griffon on 20th of April 2007

Stupid stunt man shit…ROFL.

Seriously though, I don’t see how he could do it now, he’s probably passed his prime a while back.

Does anyone know who else tried this?

Posted by Reknaw on 22nd of June 2007

Dude yeah, Boulala owned that 25 stair, even though he didn’t land it. If he starts skating again…watch out French people!!!

But yeah, this gap is pretty big. I think most people would break ankles trying to do that.

If anyone has pictures of the Gonz gap please post them somewhere on the net. I’d like to compare.

Posted by Conor Hyatt on 03rd of October 2007

all of you guys are idiots. it was Jamie Thomas you fucking morons. I was there

Posted by Douch in a Bag on 13th of November 2007

That is pretty sick. Jamie is my favorite but I think Chris Cole could do it for sure. If Jamie tried again i think he would make it but he is like 33 now so maybe not now anymore.

Posted by Skatemerika on 19th of November 2007

you are my hero you basterd

Posted by Bowzzer#12 on 03rd of December 2007

that is one hight leap man you rock. i did that to if i was there to man

Posted by bowzzer #12 on 03rd of December 2007

im sponsert man

Posted by Harley muskoday on 03rd of December 2007

this is on monday dec.3

Posted by ooooo on 03rd of December 2007

u do it up

Posted by harley bitchess on 11th of December 2007

its accualy 20 feet

Posted by fefe on 23rd of January 2008

You know who should do this gap? Imagine the fuckin’ press if Ragdoll did it. Y’know how he was out for so long, I betcha this would jumpstart him back into skate infamy. That would be sick.

Posted by Conor Hyatt on 13th of February 2008

the only way to acheive this gap

is going fast as hell

and to have tremendous luck, at the time of ollieng, or youll get killed… if u go as fast as i think you should

you need speed, to lower the impact on ground at landing

thats why i think

you must have really wide trucks to keep control on your board at that kind of speed

opinion of an argentinian


Posted by ezequiel on 11th of July 2008

what is the name of this school? it slipped my mind.

Posted by ??? on 23rd of July 2008

Quick thing about the people who are saying that going fast somehow makes the drop less of an impact. Thats simply not true. Newtons laws say otherwise. The only benefit to going fast ( If there is one) is you lessen the risk of stopping when you land and falling off.

Posted by Geraint on 30th of July 2008

The reason Jamie didn’t land the leap of faith was because he didn’t land on the bolts. I own Thrill Of It All on DVD so I played the clip in ultra slow motion and you can see that just before he lands his foot slips into the middle of the board. If he had kept slightly back towards the bolts i’m sure he would have made it. He also should have held the melon grab longer so that the board didn’t fall from under his feet as quickly.

Posted by JDavis on 16th of August 2008

Jamie tomas is tha best and none of u bitch WOULD NT EVEN TRY THAT SHIT bt rondey mollen is kick ass 2

Posted by Tyler on 21st of August 2008

Im so sad that he did not land it. Richard King tried it also and broke his legs :/ .. Now a days its impossibel, to jump it, cause they have built a wall there. Well not impossibel but you have to roll very very fast and jump in a other direction. So i dont think anyone is gona land it ever.

location: Point Loma High School in San Diego, California

Posted by bostongeorge on 04th of October 2008

dude that gap is sp crazy

Posted by dallas on 03rd of April 2009

Leap of Faith is around 18 feet (27 stairs total). El toro is famous but only 20 stairs. There is a youtube video of a pro attemping to ollie a 25 stair set and he breaks his board on impact and had trouble walking for weeks afterward. I think the largest set landed is el toro or maybe a 22 set from another video. The leap of faith was attempted by Jamie Thomas in Zero: Thrill Of It All

Posted by moldybagel on 24th of July 2009

he could’ve had it if his board didn’t snap on him. lol but i love zero decks, their friggin beast.

Posted by sk8er09 on 14th of November 2009


Posted by MEEEEEEE on 29th of January 2010

Does anyone actually read these pages, or just comment randomly? This isn’t Jamie Thomas’s website, the Leap of Faith gap is now impossible due to the (relatively) recent construction of an elevator shaft, and spelling shouldn’t be that hard.

Posted by JackieV on 24th of February 2010

thank you jackiev. yes an ollie down this will always be incredible. but watch some newer videos. reynolds in baker3 f/s flips a whole shit load of steps(not really sure how many but its gotta be close to the size of el toro.)

Posted by helter on 02nd of September 2010

wow ! i luv skate ..

Posted by jay on 16th of October 2010

my favorite sponsor is volcom and vans !!!!!!!!!

Posted by zellman on 16th of October 2010

It was 18 ft 3in and iv seen people land that but jt was the first o try it and is the mot famous

Posted by Jd on 22nd of August 2011



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