24th April 2006

A Slight Regime Change!

Hey everyone, Tony here. Don’t worry, I’m not taking over completely; Adam has disappeared off to America on some crazy road trip, and left me in charge. So, for my first blog post, I’m going to handle a question we were sent from Jordan McBride:

“Why dont you see more boneless/fastplant variations in freesyle, its my favorite trick and can be done so many different ways that that you would think it would be more popular.”

Well… Okay, firstly, a brief history lesson. The bonelesses and footplants originally came from vert, ditch and bank skating. And you’re right, there are a hell of a lot of variations. So you’d think that’d work well in freestyle, right? Well… no.

See, in the 80’s, freestyle was VERY strict. The organising body for freestyle competitions had a ridiculous amount of rules for freestyle events, including mandatory tricks (every skater had to do a spacewalk, a handstand, etc), and one key rule: If your foot touched the floor at all, it counted as a step-off, and points were deducted. As such, not only did people not kick to get speed (they just tic-tacked around), footplants were effectively banned, which is why you never see them in classical freestyle.

However, today, the rules have (very rightly, in my opinion) been removed, and so there are some people out there who enjoy doing footplant tricks. I myself do some no comply ones, every so often. The major reason you don’t see them though is that they are seen as “cheap” by many. Let’s face it, the boneless isn’t the hardest trick. They may be fun, but they do have somewhat of a reputation as a beginner’s trick in certain circles.

Still, this is freestyle. If you enjoy footplants, do some footplants. It’s totally up to you, and hey, if you get really good at them, you might end up starting a craze one day. You never know…

Your Comments

The boneless is easy, i suppose.Variations is where it starts to get difficult.I’ve heard of some very interesting variations,like mute boneless(speaks for itself),japan plant(from a mute boneless),slob plant(mute boneless in FS carve),and BS boneless.I’m not sure about the proper name for the mute boneless,i just call it that.Of course I cant pull any of these off yet.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 02nd of May 2006

The backside boneless is the only really hard one there, due to the awkward position. And then, of course, you get the russian boneless – which is more of a beanplant where you hop through the gap between the arm and leg to end up in a bs boneless position.But really, compared to other tricks, they’re still quite easy. Doesn’t mean they’re not good, though. A good, solid one on a bank or in a ditch is still killer.

Posted by Tony on 02nd of May 2006

If you want to see a great example of someone who uses bonlesses with the ut most style and skill re: 360 bonless,and his kickflip fastplant revert in elementality. check out Mike Vallaley in my opinion a true bonless master

Posted by Lonestar on 04th of May 2006

Anyone got any tips on no-complys? When I pop the tail, the board pops up and nails me in the shin.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 04th of May 2006

no-comply tip #1 try halfcab no complys where you turn 180 with the pop landing fakie keep foot and leg straight to keep deck flat during rotation, this will help with the shin splints ,once you get these you can do them down a set aswell have fun try variations ive come up with what i like like to call a hard comply (harpflip no comply).anyways hope it helps keep skatin!

Posted by Lonestar on 05th of May 2006

Thanks for the tip.I’ll try it.I think 180 no-complys are probably easier than ordinary no-complys.There are also 2 variations I think I should learn first.Tony,here are a couple for the tricktionary:frontside no-comply varial;a FS 180 no-comply where you dont turn 180 with the board.Instead,you land in the same stance you started in,and the board spins frontside.Like a FS 180 no-comply,the board passes through the legs,very close to where the sun dont shine.No-comply grab;a normal no-comply,but as you pop the tail,you grab the board like a melon on the heel side,but closer to the nose(to level out the board in the air.www.bobstricktips.com.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 05th of May 2006

Oh yeah and to add to the no comply tips the easiest one is the old school way off poping your wheels straight off a parking block and grab the nose like a fast plant then jump back on(works best with angled corner blocks),one of my favorites at the right angle and speed you can get a sweet bounce off it!

Posted by Lonestar on 05th of May 2006

Yea I’ve seen that one.I saw some guys doing it over the hip of the pyramid at my local skate park.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 06th of May 2006

Actualy, fastplants can’t work in freestyle, because they are done on leges in street, and on lips or copings of banks or transitions.

Posted by Oldschool Al on 20th of June 2006