1st April 2006

Skatepark Hate

Isaac asks…

“In a skatepark, why do rollerbladers and BMXers hate skateboarders so much?”

lol… Well I would call it animosity rather than hate but I guess it’s because generally speaking, in any walk of life (not just skateparks) people “love to hate” those who are different to them. The fact that skaters, boarders and bikers all end up using the same facilities probably amplifies this quite a lot – whether that’s a skatepark, or a favourite in town spot. And inevitably each group tries to monopolise the vert ramp or street course and stay on as long as possible. I see it all the time at big events such as NASS.

I seriously doubt it’s one way either, I know plenty of skateboarders who have an almost inate dislike of bladers, despite being otherwise reasonable and thoughtful people. Plus, you also get it within a particular sport, for example between flatlanders and vert skaters or bikers, or street and vert and so on.

It begs the question, why can’t we all just get along? Well there is one solution – try another sport. I don’t have any “skatepark hate” for bikers, partly because I have also done a fair amount of flatland, street and downhill/dirt jump biking, which enables me to appreciate the finer points of those sports. Alternatively, avoid skateparks altogether and take up flatland – then you can happily bumble about in the road in front of your house without ever seeing a blader or biker again 😉

Enough said I think… I’ll open this to the floor.

Your Comments

Thanks for replying.It helped a lot I’ll write back soon.

Posted by Isaac Gatens on 09th of April 2006

flatland is the answer to all skate problems. dont bother with ramp and park its just not worth it. by the way this note for tha author of the site: bones make bearings called swiss which are abec 11 and the fastest bearings available on the market.

Posted by Gavin-James Sumner on 25th of May 2006

Gavin, Bones don’t abec-rating their bearings. Abec actually has no relevance to skating at all. All the real info on bearings can be found right here on Board Crazy…

Posted by Tony on 25th of May 2006



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