2nd March 2006

How Competitions Are Scored

A judge at the 2006 skateboarding world cupExternal Link explains how tricks are scored.

Chris Cole doing a kickflip backside nose blunt down the bigger rail on a course would be a 9 or 10. A 50-50 on a ledge would be a 2 to 3, K-grind down a handrail – 4 or 5, and a backside 360° ollie kickflip over a pyramid would get you a 7 or 8. For vert a standard backside air is a 2 to 3. A kickflip indy gets about a 6 or 7. One of Sandro’s 900’s would score a 9 or 10 depending. Same with Bucky’s Nollieflip McTwist.

Apparently a bail is just 0 points, I always thought somehow you’d pick up a penalty for falling though. Full writeup hereExternal Link.

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