24th February 2005

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Tricktionary Unleashed

So I’ve got over 200 tricks defined and until now the growth of the tricktionary has been fairly slow and steady. Not any more – now I have my bitch Tony adding tricks I’ve had to subscribe to my own tricktionary news feed just to keep track of what tricks get added.

Tony is going to have a definite lean towards flatland tricks when he’s adding things, and I tend to add mostly street or flatland tricks; if anyone knows anything about vert skating and would like to contribute I’d be interested in talking about it.

Your Comments

I am actually a snowboarder but wanted to discuss the tricktionary. Obviously some of the tricks in snowboarding overlap with skateboarding as skateboarding is it’s true master. I was actually on an internet search to find the definition of a Judo air and a Benihana (Benihaha?) air when i stumbled upon your site. I noticed your entry of the definition of the Japan which appears to be different to my knowledge of the trick??? I was under the impression that the trick was a front hand grab on the toe edge between the feet. The front knee is then pulled down (tuck-knee style) to touch the board, the back is then arched and the board is pulled up and the back hand is extended above the head.
Please can you query this for me. It would be much appreciated. Also i am aware of a variation to that trick called a Tiapan Air. This is performed in exactly the same way as the Japan, however, the front hand grabs the toe edge from behind the front leg and between the legs.
Thanks again.
Antony – [email protected]

Posted by Antony on 27th of February 2006

Hi Antony, thanks for your comment/question.

To the best of my knowledge, my definition of a Japan Air is correct when it comes to skateboarding. Every trick tip, video and photograph I have seen or read confirms that it is the back hand that grabs; see this (admittedly poor quality) photo of Bob Burnquist pulling a Japan Air to see what I mean.

Having said that, all the snowboarding sourcesExternal Link I can find confirm your version. Perhaps this is a case where the trick has been modified for snowboarding? After all, what with the more restrictive bindings you have to wear, I don’t think it would even be possible to contort your body into the position that Bob achieves in the photo above.

Posted by Adam on 27th of February 2006

I might also add that I make no claims to be an all knowing guru about tricks, I have definately got tricks wrong in the past and I’m sure I will many times again (there are lots of tricks to get wrong after all). Any and all feedback I receive about the tricktionary is all good, especially when it makes it a better resource as a result.

Posted by Adam on 28th of February 2006

I’d like to throw in my two cents: I’d not read the Japan entry, and from how I understand it, both that photo of Bob up there and the current definition are more like a method to me. I’d go with a front hand toeside grab tweaked up behind your back for a Japan, myself – as shown by Mr Hawk here. Some grab definitions are complex through – for example, an indy grab is technically a backside air with the classic “indy” grab, as it’s a backside version of the basic frontside air.

Anyhow, I’m going to try and add more vert-orientated stuff if I can. It’ll take some research, but I’ve already started with those that I know – elguerials, gay twists and the like. I don’t want to just flood the tricktionary with obscure freestyle tricks just yet. 🙂

Posted by Tony on 01st of March 2006

I’ll defer to the wisdom of the crowd here : D — your definitions are more or less identical and the image appears to be a much more valid source than mine. Trick updated.

Posted by Adam on 01st of March 2006

On another note, some people refer to the Japan Air as a Tuck Knee.

Posted by MJ on 05th of February 2008

I’d like to note that with the great graphics in The Tips for Beginners you should make graphics for the different tricks as well

Posted by London Odom on 14th of April 2008



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