22nd November 2005

Free Skateboards, T-Shirts & Skate DVD

About Skateboarding has a competition running where you can win two Gareth Stehr pro decks, one set of wheels, a t-shirt and the new Go Go Toe Skate DVD. This competition ends on the 6th of December and you can find out all the details hereExternal Link.

To enter you are supposed to trawl through the About website and the Foundation Skateboards siteExternal Link finding the answers to these five questions…

  • Who’s the artist that created the graphic for Gareth Stehr’s Crooks deck?
  • Which Foundation DVDs have featured Gareth Stehr’s skateboarding?
  • Foundation had an add with Gareth Stehr jumping out of a jar of what?
  • What was Foundation’s 15th anniversary film?
  • When was the last time you wet yourself in public?

But hell, I’ll give you the answers (to the first four) because I’m just that nice. E-mail them to Steve at [email protected].

  • Chris Ryniak
  • Madness & Mayhem, That’s Life Flick,
  • Vegemite
  • That’s Life Flick

Lack Of Internet…

I have huge amounts of tricktionary entries to update, both from Tony’s massive list and all the tricks you guys have been patiently submitting over the past couple of weeks. My Internet connection has been hijacked by my brother recently for the purposes of playing world of warcraft (yawn). We’re now networked right up and I will be able to get on with adding the tricks starting right now.

EDIT : All of the corrections e-mailed to me by Tony Gale are done. Starting on new submissions tomorrow…

Your Comments

i think skateing is the best thing in the world

Posted by Travis Anderson on 15th of August 2006

skatind is outstanding because you have to work had to be good at it

Posted by Dean Plant on 01st of June 2007

name jessie i cant aford a skateboard my family is poor i really love to skate can you people help me please

Posted by jessie on 06th of October 2007

i cant afford any skateboard and im really poor can you get me one

Posted by jay on 30th of October 2007

Skateboarding to me is an art and i love it like i love my music!!!!!

Posted by Amanda on 18th of November 2007

skateboarding has been a part of my life and i love it

Posted by Alexia on 24th of January 2008

i really love to skate but dont have enough money to buy one. so can you please help me my address is 1943 greatfalls highway: phone# is 8032832727

Posted by chris chappell on 26th of March 2008

im so in love with my skateboard, i want another 1! [email protected]

gimme freebies 2 test ride!

Posted by michael on 27th of May 2008

i cant afford a skate baord can u get me one please 7.9 please i f u can 4003 s 175 st 98188

Posted by kendrick on 15th of June 2008

hey i started sk8in 6 months ago and my old 1 kinda snapped in half so i am gettin reddy fr a new 1 bt the thing is , is tht i just gt sacked frm my job fr beein l8 after bein 2 my local sk8 park can u help me out m8

Posted by sam dewe on 09th of September 2008

i love skateboarding just dont have the money to buy a good board a pro board the board i skate with is old and naked can u help me please. email me on [email protected] ill do any think for a nice new board

Posted by DAN on 10th of November 2008

my board is apsolutly f****d and i dont have the money to get a new one pleses help me out

Posted by ryan on 16th of February 2009

Hey well jwing do you guys ever skate skateparks at all and are you just saying you don’t have a skateboard so you can get another 1.Skateboarding to me is like playing my guitar i never seem to get tired of it.Even if i fall i always keep rollin

Posted by Maddie pro skater on 23rd of February 2009

hey i been skating for a while now and just learnt to do varial heelflips and board slide rails unfortunately i snapped my deck can anyone help me to get another, i cant afford one and cant wait to skate again please help

Posted by samuel on 02nd of March 2009

hay im eugene im 16 i live in a foster home and i hate it here the alone thing that make me happy is skateing but i dont have mony and my b day is the 31 of march thing and i need a bord do u thing u guys can help me out my email is eman.taylor@yahoo.

Posted by eugene on 18th of March 2009

hi im brandon and i really love to skate and im really good but the thing is that my family is poor can you please give me a free skateboard?

Posted by brandon travis on 30th of April 2009


Posted by LILY ORTIZ on 17th of May 2009

i love skatebording its my thing an i do it everyday thing is my skatebord brok an my parets keep gettin me rubbish 1s plz can you get me a wicked skatebord.

Posted by grace on 13th of June 2009

i love skatebordin its my world thing is my parents dont have the cash to get me 1 i have to boroww other peoples plz can you get me a good 1 plz or help me out in some way plz my emal is [email protected]

Posted by grace hardy on 13th of June 2009


Posted by jordan nieves on 20th of June 2009

please i relly want to skate and fallow my dreams i dont want to be loser

Posted by samuel sutherland on 28th of June 2009

pls could i have a skateboard, i love to skateboard but my parents dont let me. i get 2 pounds a week for pocket money and after 24 weeks i get a skatebord but my mum find it and she throw away and call it stupid but now i explain to mum that skateboard is my dream and she say if u get skateboard u can keep so i really need another one because it is summer holiday and i need something to do and all my friend are skateboarding so if u give me skateboard i will love you but if you dont i guess ill have to keep begging for goes on peoples boards for the rest of my life

Posted by trevor evans on 17th of August 2009

my email is [email protected]

Posted by trevor evans on 17th of August 2009

Hiya, i really want a skateboard but i cant get to the nearest town that sells them so can you PLEASE send me one, email me at [email protected] THANKS SO MUCH

Posted by Abby on 28th of August 2009

plz send it to me tell me if i can have it at [email protected]

Posted by lucas holly on 19th of September 2009

can you please send me a board i can only afford walmart boards i have been skateting for 5 year and have not ever gotten a good board please!!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected]

Posted by prince logan on 27th of January 2010


Posted by Ben Taylor on 05th of February 2010

i dont have enough money for a nice skateboard because i dont have much money and my mom doesnt have a job

Posted by michael on 15th of March 2010

i love the way the air hits your face when you are riding a board. its like a angel is grabing your feet and gliding you though the floor

Posted by jaime on 16th of April 2010

ok let me tell you i dont know how long i havent gotten a real board i need one really bad and ive ben skating for 3 years please send me a board i need one really bad and i cant afford one right now. I try to tell my mom that skateboarding is a job and i can make lots of money. but she says no you cant i dont fell good when she says that because thats like your mom not belivining her son and that does not fell god so please send me a board please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by [email protected] on 02nd of May 2010

My parents don`t pay me and I can`t get a new board because my mom said I can get a new one if I do three tricks but my wheels have sand in them (declan)can u send me some spitfire wheels and reds bearings my phone # is 602-349-1417

Posted by Spencer on 31st of May 2010

Skating is mi life.People look @ skaters like were bad people were just kids that love this sport and the world need to see that.

Posted by Demetruis on 19th of July 2010

i love skateboarding skateboarding is my only escape if it wasnt for skating i dont know what id be doing ive been skating for 2 years and my board recently got ran over by a car while skating some stairs now i am boardless and due to my mothers bad decisions we are in danger of losing our house my mother does a lot of deficit spending spoiling herself buying 300 dollar purses more crap she doesnt need ive been trying to find work but im still in highschool and there are no jobs available for my schedule so please send me a deck thats all i need im fine with my trucks and wheels ive been using them both for 2 years and theyre still good i just pop a lot of barrings but thanks to a few generous friends i got 8 barrings old to them new to me so im fine with it all i need is deck so if can please send me one that would just be great you can contact me @[email protected]

Posted by Wesly on 04th of October 2010

Hi i have just started to skate a half year ago and really never could afford an actual good board so if you could help me please!
Cody Siehr
3024 east church street

Posted by Cody Siehr on 10th of February 2011

hey my name is michael crocker i am from rocky mount nc i have been skateing for about 5 to 6 years skateboarding is my life i dont no what i would do with out skateboaring but my mom and dad want get me a other board they said they spend to much money on buying me boards i told them i could not help it so right now i can not skate because i dont have a board so if yall would please send me any kind of prop board i just need something to skate on [email protected]

Posted by michael on 14th of April 2011



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