9th November 2005

Vaguely Interesting Skateboarding News

Bob Burnquist, famous amongst other things for skating everything in switch, doing an upside down kickflip on a loop the loop, and having a hot wife, plans to rival Danny Way’s Great Wall Of China jumpExternal Link by skating off a cliffExternal Link (I only hope he has more luck than Homer in the Simpsons…).

That sounds more sensationalist than it really is though, in my opinion, although the ‘fly off a massive launch ramp onto a rail’ part will be good. That bit certainly seems the most testing.

Mike V. Tours USA

The skateboard directory has a list of shops and skateparksExternal Link where inspirational skateboarder Mike Vallely will be making an appearance on his “man vs skatepark” tour.

Although the whole jumping from big heights into ramps thing isn’t really my thing, from various interviews and random footage of him he seems like a pretty sound guy.

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