2nd November 2005

Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song, Semi Flip Defined

A couple of days ago I picked up Rodney Mullen vs Daewon Song – Round 1 on DVD. Read my review of this skate video here.

I’ve finally found a definition of a semi flip that I’m comfortable publishing, being that it comes from one of the UK’s leading flatlanders and trick gurus, Tony Gale. Cheers Tony! So now you can find out what a semi flip is, as well as a few other recent additions to the tricktionary…

Steve Cave Knows Nothing About Skateboarding

Ironic, given his position as staff writer for www.about.com on the topic of skateboarding. Take this ‘profile’ on Rodney MullenExternal Link for example. Aside from the astounding inablity to consistently spell the guys name correctly (is it ‘Rodney’, or is it ‘Rodeny’ – at least choose one and stick to it, foo!) sweeping, ill informed statements such as this do nothing for his credibility as a so called ‘expert’ :

“Rodeny Mullen is easily the best street skateboarder the world has yet seen. His skateboarding style is comfortable and relaxed, making the incrediable tricks he does look light and simple. Rodney Mullen often smiles and laughs, while pulling off trick after trick that no one has ever seen. Rodney Mullen is inventive, creative, confident and easy going.”

I’m sorry? He’s “easily” the best street skateboarder the world has yet seen? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m slightly obsessive about Mullen, but to make such a statement without backing it up seems a little… crap. And as was pushed home to me when watching Rodney vs Daewon, he certainly isn’t ‘comfortable and relaxed’.

What’s more, this guy is supposed to have a degree in English but if you ask me his writing stinks. About.com should do themselves a favour and employ me as their staff writer instead – I want at least £30k but for that you will get a decent level of literacy and interesting articles that consist of more than a few ‘facts’ reeled off with all the imagination of a brick. Oh, and I won’t try and search engine optimise your website by stuffing it with keywords that nobody searches for…

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