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Blank Decks

First of all, an apology. I’ve had two questions sitting in my inbox for ages and just haven’t got round to writing any new blog posts to answer them. While Adam’s off having a good time in the States, I actually have work to do, sadly. Anyhow, a question from Mattio:

“Hey i was wondering if you know anything about “moose” blank decks. Like what sort of quality they are… cos i found i set of 5 for US$50 on ebay,it seems a bit cheap for 5 decks…Thanks!I really apreciate it!”

So, blank decks. Many people swear by them, and that’s great. They’ve been a favourite of the poor/not-so-picky skater for a long while now. While Moose aren’t a make I’ve heard of, I’m pretty sure if Adam was answering this he’d say “sure, go for it. Can’t be too bad.” And yes, $50 is a bit cheap, and so you could go for it if you want. However, blank decks in general can really vary in quality. Some people swear “blank decks are just normal decks without graphics”, but I’ve seen some really awful ones. I mean, really really awful.

I guess I’m really picky about my setup. I ride one particular board, one particular type and size of truck, and wheels and bearings that I know I can trust. I just can’t afford to lose tricks or consistency because of inferior product. While graphics really don’t matter, quality does, so my advice would be:

  • Stick to a board company you can trust. Not all companies – even the big ones – produce quality product.
  • Pay attention to the small details – height, position and angle of the kicktails, for example. They can make more difference than the width of the board.
  • Don’t pay attention to gimmicks. Featherlite? No thanks. A lot of gimmicks, especially those dedicated to reducing weight, are nonsense. Most companies are out to make money, not to make good product. Remember that.
  • Finally, if you’re buying a product you’ve not seen or tried before, ask around. See if anyone can give you reliable advice. Hell, ask us and see if we can help you out.


12th May 2006 Discuss Discuss

To Mongo Or Not To Mongo

“Hey, I just wanted to let ya know this is a great site, its a great place for beginners and more experienced people to learn new stuff! I was wondering, I have been skating on and off for a couple of years now and I found out what mongo stance was off your site and realised that I was mongo. My question is, is it worth trying to relearn to be normal stance?

Well Mattio, that depends on whether you are in it for fun or are trying to take skateboarding to some kind of competition level, or are looking to really improve your skateboarding. From your description, I’d say you aren’t really fussed, so it’s barely worth the effort.

I know a mongo foot skater and he says it’s likely to be extremely difficult for you to break out of the habit. Trying to push normally will feel really alien. He also says “stay mongo – it’s unique!”

12th May 2006 Discuss Discuss

Protecting Your Deck

“Can u get some sort of protection for the bottom of your deck, so when you skate the picture doesn’t skratch off?”

I’m not sure, I’ve never heard of anything like that or tried to look for anything like it before, but I’ll post this up to see if anyone else knows of any product.

You could use something not necessarily for skateboards though – like a hardcoat gloss varnish, you could pick some up from a hardware store quite cheaply. I don’t know how effective it would be but it would certainly offer some level of protection (and might even lengthen your slides).

The whole scratching thing though, it’s the best reason not to buy a more expensive pro deck – it’s blank decks all the way for me.